Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] add a different mp3 column and sort on it

On Wed, 2011-03-16 at 23:09 -0700, Dennis Gearon wrote:
> I would love to add the mp3 field 'comment'. I store the genre, BPM,
> and rating in that field as string so that it is available in all
> applications. At least, it was on windows. I don't see anyway to use a
> file manager or a media player on ubuntu to access the field, make
> playlists based on it, or burn mp3s. Any help doing any of this in
> rhythmbox would be most appreciated.

This is actually pretty easy to do in Rhythmbox. To view the comment
field, use Edit→Preferences and enable the “Comment” checkbox. You can
right-click on any track in Rhythmbox and click “Properties” in order to
edit the comment field, and you can create an automatic playlist
(Music→Playlist→New Automatic Playlist…) which supports matching tracks
based on strings in the comment field.

Hope that helps!

Calvin Walton <calvin walton kepstin ca>

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