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This is more of a cosmetic concern, rather than a technical one. I have been using rhythmbox for three years now, and I personally believe it is the best GUI-based music player, GTK or not, I have ever seen. I have, however, been seeing that, in the software community, rhythmbox is highly underrated as compared to certain other music players, and this is accentuated by the fact that Ubuntu chose to replace rhythmbox with banshee as their default media player starting with 11.04 Natty Narwhal - something that I personally undid to revert to rhythmbox as soon as I installed 11.04. I do not think I need to point out, at least here, why rhythmbox is the most excellent choice.

I wish to suggest the following two changes for a start:

1) The rhythmbox homepage introduces rhythmbox as `originally inspired by Apple's iTunes'. Though this is indeed the historical fact, I feel this statement does injustice to rhythmbox in the context of new users and adopters, since rhythmbox itself is a very different project in its own right and at the functional level has nothing to do with iTunes. Moreover, iTunes with its clunky interface, cannot even hold a candle to rhythmbox as far as features/search capabilities are concerned. Maybe a new introduction would be appropriate?

2) The rhythmbox logo displayed on the homepage is the one from versions prior to 0.13. I personally find the 0.13 logo to be more catchy, and I would love to see it replace the default logo on the homepage.

Manjul Apratim

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