[Rhythmbox-devel] problem with scrobbling

Hey there, probably it should be on the report bug method, the program don't have it, at least i can't locate it, and i dunno how to report a bug properly on the other web system, because mainly i'm a newbie to Linux so sorry from my part.

Well problem is for whatever reason my rhythmbox 0.12.8. doesn't scrobble on lastfm.
my linux is a molinux 6.0 zoraida (is a spanish development of Linux based on Ubuntu but is a bit merged with Debian), if it helps i have the educational pack that Molinux offers.

I did my settings to sync the scrobbling between my spotify (working on wine), and my last fm account, but when i set the password it says is incorrect and deletes it and so don't scrobble a thing.

Any idea how i can fix the problem?

Thanks in advance and sorry for send it in the wrong address.

Keep on the great work. :D

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