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Klaus, one thing you might check for - see if there are an v1 tags at the begin of the file *after* the v2 tags i.e
  [V2 Tag][V1 Tags][MP3 data][V1 Tags]

I was bitten by this issue on about 30 of my songs. Don't know how it got that way, but the first set of V1 tags were always used for display. Editing in RB would cause the V2 data to be shown for a fleeting sec or two. you can check in the ghex dump & see if you have multiple TIT etc. tags at the begin.

If you do, solution is to use id3v2 to strip the V2 tags (it will remove the begin V1 ones also) & retag them. Hope this helps.

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From: "Klaus Müller" <tloeffler3 googlemail com>
To: rhythmbox-devel gnome org
Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2011 20:37:34 +0100
Subject: [Rhythmbox-devel] ID3v1 still being preferred to ID3v2
Hey everyone, I have some trouble getting RB to display the correct ID3 tags. I'm running RB 0.12.8 on Ubuntu Lucid 64-bit and it seems like RB still prefers ID3v1 over v2. I checked the file with ghex2, the v2 tags are at the beginning of the file while v1 tags are located at the end and are properly identified by the TAG string. The song title is cut off in RB after 30 characters as it appears in the v1 tags, the v2 tag field contains the non-truncated song title. I looked through the bug reports and found one from 2007 here which addresses the issue. Until today I used gstreamer 0.10.28 from Ubuntu's repositories. However, after reading the bug report I decided to update gstreamer to version 0.10.32 and gst-plugins-good to version 0.10.28 (both are the latest stable releases) in hopes this would fix the issue. It didn't. Is it possible that ID3 interpretation isn't even handled by gst anymore in the RB version that I'm using?

I'm surprised google didn't present me with more hits about this issue as I assume the issue occurs on all Lucid installs. I hope the information I gave are sufficient.

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