[Rhythmbox-devel] Bravo Maestro on Rhythmbox

Dear Sirs,

   my name is Lorenzo Frassà, and I am CEO of BravoMaestro (www.bravomaestro.com). Our is built with open-source software, and we are very proud of this. Some our features:

- we collect many cds from minor music labels which gave up their activity.
- we are one of Italian aggregators of an important Netherland company, and we receive tons of cd of common labels, such as Brilliant Classics, Divox, etc..

We would like to know what we should do to be listed into rhythmbox, in "shops" list. We are ready to change some of our features to be introduced into your software.

I just have to thank you, I really look forward to hear from you.

All best,
Lorenzo Frassà

Dr Lorenzo Frassà
Via delle ville - trv II, 73
San Marco contr.
I-55100 Lucca (Lu)
tel: +39.339.2967826

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