Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] RB.Source.add_to_queue() argument 1 must be rb.Source, not str

> Get the play queue source (via the 'queue-source' property on the
> shell) and add entries to it directly with the add_entry method.
> rb_shell_add_to_queue is going to disappear shortly, since it's part
> of the shell dbus interface, which is going to be removed entirely.

What's replacing the dbus interface?

> Strange, it's trying to invoke the RBSource add_to_queue method rather
> than the RBShell method. Are you sure 'shell' is actually the RBShell
> object here?

I think that was the problem. Looks like i was searching for an answer
for a different problem.
Everything is working correctly now thanks for your help.

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