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There is some documentation in��but as far as I know, the best place is the code.
Btw, in my opinion it's not really important for you to know a lot about Rhythmbox internals before GSoC, it's better if you have a good proposal with a clear idea of your objective. The Rhythmbox internals you learn along the way.

Alexandre Rosenfeld

On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 17:43, d3nn <dennis edson gmail com> wrote:
Hello everybody.
My name is Dennis Vargas from Bolivia, I'm student of last year in the university.
I'm interest to work in the GNOME proyect for the GSoC, the idea I like is "Rhythmbox music stores".
I'm reading the INTERNALS of Rhytmbox and some classes, but I need more information about Rhythmbox code.

What readings do you recommend? beacuse I want to learn more about "Rhythmbox music stores" and how to work with his classes.

Thanks in advance.
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