Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] RB sync with iPod?

On 09/26/2010 06:11 AM, Christophe Fergeau wrote:
2010/9/26 Aleksandr :>
Will RB reliably sync my iPod (160 gb video....blah, blah, blah) just like

Don't reply unless you know from experience whether it works or not.
You'll have to send me your iPod or buy me the same model so that I
can test then.

However, libgpod (which rhythmbox uses to access the iPod) supports
this model. As for the sync, the best way to know is to try to see if
rhythmbox fits your needs.


Alright.  Send me your address.

I assume you have the cable.

In other words- nobody knows if it works.

RB works great for simple music listening and radio.  Before I try my iPod on RB I was looking for serious comments and experiences from people who have had actual experience in syncing.

So far it seems no one has connected their iPod to RB.  This simply can't be the case!

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