[Rhythmbox-devel] Last.fm changes


Link 1: Last.fm are removing loved, playlist and user tag radio stations. For some lame reason about licensing issues and providing the best possible service blah blah.�

Rhythmbox currently doesn't support playlist or user tag radio stations anyway, but we do support the loved station. The complication is that Libre.fm does provide a loved station and Last.fm doesn't. We don't want to prevent Libre.fm users from utilising the service, but on the other hand Last.fm will be more commonly used (I'm guessing) and it will feel wrong if Rhythmbox lets Last.fm users attempt to stream loved radio.

Perhaps the best solution would be if there was a radio.getSupportedTypes method which we could use to dynamically get the list of available stations. I could suggest this API to the last.fm devs if people think that would be a good idea?�(I get the impression they're actually fairly decent about this sort of thing. It would still be a long shot though) For the time being I don't know what the best thing to do is.

Link 2: They've brought in a new station type. I'm having problems building rhythmbox at the moment, but once totem-pl-parser gets updated in fedora 14 i should be able to whip up a patch for it. I'll file a bug in bugzilla too I suppose.

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