[Rhythmbox-devel] Copy/paste into Nautilus

Hi. So, we are able to select songs from the rhythmbox interface and drag them into a nautilus window and it will copy the files there.

But I would like the ability to select songs from the rhythmbox interface and click "copy" and then go to the nautilus interface and click "paste".

I've always thought this would be useful, because I like to keep rhythmbox maximized, but I just recently used the "Ubuntu Netbook Remix" where the windows are always maximized. There's no way to drag from one window to another because there's no way to make both windows visible. In this context, having copy/paste functionality is the only way to copy files from Rhythmbox. The only way I could copy those files was to view the Properties and find the file paths of the individual files.

Should I open a bug about this?


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