[Rhythmbox-devel] iradio plugin request

Greetings Rythymbox developers. 

My name is Matt and I am the chief engineer of WSUM Student Radio at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.  I am writing to see if you would be willing to add my stream to the iradio-inital.pls file for the Rythymbox distribution.  We are 100% student supported and do not run any commercials or pledge drives.  The play format is quite diverse and follows a reverse seniority based on volunteer hours.  If you would consider this request, we would very much appreciate it.

title=WSUM 91.7FM - University of Wisconsin Student Radio

I am also working on an external project for small broadcasters and webcasters to help capture and distribute the playlist metadata created by live audio streams.  My project information can be found at http://streameta.org/.

Thanks much for your time and consideration.


Matt Rockwell -- Tech Director/Chief Operator
shop: (608) 890-2436

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