Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox: Improved Plugin - Weekly Report 1

Hi Jamie,

2010/5/29 Jamie Nicol <jamie thenicols net>:
> The biggest problem I'm seeing myself having is using git. I understand
> the commands and the concept, it's more knowing when to use it. Despite
> doing a reasonable amount of programming I've never used version control
> on a project before. I find myself missing commiting unrelated parts of
> code together

You can use git add -p [filename] to only add some parts of a file to
the index before committing to avoid committing unrelated parts of
code together

> or contradicting my previous commit with my newest one.

git commit --amend can probably be helpful to only get a single commit
which makes more sense

> My git log must be an absolute mess.

git rebase -i can be helpful to clean up such messes :)

> It's surely something I'll get
> better at as I get used to it. One of my goals for this next week is to
> think before I commit, and plan more in advance.

I never managed to become disciplined enough to do that, good thing
the commands mentioned above exists ;) Feel free to contact me by
email, jabber, irc, ... if you need git help (even if this is about
trivial stuff).

Keep up the good work!


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