Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] MiniDisc Walkman (NetMD/HiMD) plugin support

Hi Adrian,

2010/5/6 Adrian Glaubitz <glaubitz physik fu-berlin de>:
> Recently, we have started the linux-minidisc [4] project which wants to
> get rid of these limitations and allow to use both NetMD and HiMD
> devices on Linux and other operating systems with a free
> software. Since we already have some useful functionality in a
> library, I was wondering whether you, the Rhythmbox developers, might
> be interested in writing a plugin for our libraries so that Rhythmbox
> users can use their MiniDisc devices with Rhythmbox like they already
> can with the iPod handhelds from Apple.

Thanks for announcing your library. Rhythmbox plugins are generally
written by people who need them, so in that case that would be
MiniDiscs owners. For what it's worth, writing a plugin for a new
media player shouldn't be too hard using existing plugins as a basis,
and people on the list can help, so if anyone want to give it a try...
:) I don't think there are many Rhythmbox hackers owning a mini-disc
though :-/



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