Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] plugin development

On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 12:45 AM, Alexey Grunichev <grunichev gmail com> wrote:
> I want to develop something similar to:
> so, I need to get data from remote service by user submitted filter.
> I tried to do described in topic and added:
> def do_impl_search(self, query):
>    print 'it works'
>    return
>    # return rb.BrowserSource.do_impl_search(self, query)
> But by activation I get "Segmentation fault" error. I tried *args and
> **kwargs (thaught problem in arguments), but it didn't help. May be
> something has been changed since 2008.

Yes, the arguments to the search method are now an RBSourceSearch
object, the previous search string, and the new search string.

The crash you're seeing has been reported here: although I've
implemented the search method in a plugin I'm working on and it
doesn't crash there.

> Another question (less important) - can I disable a couple of buttons
> (there is artist/title etc search by default - but I have only one
> filter for remote data)?

Override do_impl_get_search_actions in your source class. If you don't
want to present any search options, you should be able to return an
empty list there.

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