Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox + iphone sync


2010/3/22 sercan <sercan memset com>:
> I'm trying to sync Rhythmbox 0.12.7 (ubuntu 9.10) with my iphone 3gs. I got
> Rhythmbox to regonize my iphone, shows on the left menu, however when I drag
> and drop music over to the iphone, it copies the files to correct folder in
> the iphone and format (f20, f21 etc) however nothing shows up in 'ipod' app,
> I've tried restarting the iphone...any suggestions?

You need libgpod 0.7.90 or newer, and your iPhone must contain some
data written by iTunes before you can add music to it from rhythmbox.


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