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So basically, when you click on a podcast subscribe button you want a gui to pop up to give you an option on where to save it?  I think at issue here is the folders. I'm not familiar with the podcast code since I don't listen to podcasts, but it shouldn't be that hard.


On Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 8:02 AM, Jay Wehrstedt <jwehrst sympatico ca> wrote:
I recently reloaded Ubuntu Linux on my computer and was going to import
my music, podcast, audiobooks and vodcast with Rhythmbox appropriately.
But my previously experience with it filing options has deterred me for
now - I'll read through your manuals and check out other providers of
integrated music management applications have to satisfy my needs.

The issue is this: I would like to keep these files (media) types
separated and organized as I like them.  Typically, my folders are set
subscribe to a feed, I'd like it to storage that item in the folder
(E.g. 60-Seconds Science under OUR PODCAST or Alanis Morissette under
OUR MUSIC, and so on) under one of the directories above.

How can this be done?  Can it be done with Rhythmbox? If not available,
it would be a great item to develop as I believe many others would like
to manage their files their way.

You already define the type of feed being retrieved, so a storage path
could be linked to the feed type definable by the User. If it is
available, please direct me to the instructions on how to do this.

Thanks for your time.  Keep up the great work.

Jay Wehrstedt
jwehrst sympatico ca

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