[Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox: Improved Last.fm Plugin - Weekly Report 2

Hi all!

So my week didn't get off to the best start. First thing Monday morning
I tried to open my window to let some lovely fresh air in to the room.
It was stuck so I tried harder and ended up accidentally sticking my arm
through the window. Very painful, big big cut down my arm, glass
everywhere. Spent most of Monday in hospital, and found typing quite
difficult for the first part of the week.

So, apart from reaching new heights of idiocy, what else have I

I have moved the login UI away from the preferences window and into the
Last.fm source. I have added error handling code to the login process.
Errors are reported much in the same way as not being logged in is--with
a GtkInfoBar telling you so, with a button to log you in again. I talked
to the lovely chaps on #libre.fm. They are currently working on
supporting the 1.2.1 scrobbling API (what I just ported Rhythmbox to).
When they've implemented this I can come back and add support for it.

And what are my plans for next week?

I'm going to move on to the next part of my project: showing the user's
profile from within rhythmbox. The first stage of this will be working
out a sensible way of sending these requests and parsing the responses.
I feel this week will be predominantly a research week: it's important
that I make sure I do this bit correctly, otherwise the code could
easily become absolutely horrible.

Code is available from here: http://gitorious.org/rb-lastfm/rb-lastfm
if anyone wants to try it out.



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