[Rhythmbox-devel] DACP in Rhythmbox: Weekly Report 9

Hi guys,

This is the 10th weekly report, more information check out (it's updated!) http://live.gnome.org/SummerOfCode2010/AlexandreRosenfeld_Rhythmbox

- What I did this week?

Not much, I went to São Paulo and other places after I did my exam monday. But I was able to finish today something I started last weekend, which is to recognize the pairing-guid that the Remote sends so that only paired Remotes are allowed to send commands. This meant fixing some code that was unable to read 64-bit integers and adding code to save and read these guids to GConf (maybe I should port these to the GSettings branch, but it's not high-priority). It took some time to discover why it wasn't reading all 64-bits.
Also I finally pushed all my changes from about two weeks ago to Git, since I finally have some good connectivity.

- What will be done next week?

As discussed with my mentor, we are planning to have a patch ready until 26th of July, so I created a list of things to do until the end of the project:
  • Fix filter bug
  • Implement /databases/1/groups:
    • Probably just the same as /databases/1/browse
  • Finish signals:
    • now-playing-artwork
    • play-pause
    • next-item
    • prev-item
    • get-shuffle-state
    • set-shuffle-state
    • get-repeat-state
    • set-repeat-state
  • Add playlist control - One of the following:
    • Create "Remote" playlist as iTunes does
    • Use Play Queue - will be great if it allows everything I need
Since I couldn't strike-out text in GMail, I omitted the completed items, they are present in the wiki. 

Only parts of this list will be done by the 26th, but hopefully it will be done until the end of the project, especially since now most of the hard work is done and what has to be done is to fill the missing pieces.

- Was my planning accurate?

No, I thought I would be back at home earlier, but I'm still on track.

- Cool stuff?

Every time I use Tomboy to plan something I feel like it's making my life much easier ;)

Until next week,

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