Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Compiling 0.13 on Arch Linux

On 07/20/2010 12:42 PM, Ryan Peters wrote:
 I use Arch Linux on my main desktop, and since it has been taking a while to upgrade Rhythmbox to 0.13 in the main repositories, I thought I'd take matters into my own hands and make my own package. I now see why it's taking so long. After updating the PKGBUILD from the Arch Build System to reflect the new versions of all of the packages, I remembered that Rhythmbox depends on libdmapsharing now, and that package is only in AUR (a place for unofficial PKGBUILDs). I installed the package, and Rhythmbox says that libdmapsharing isn't present, so compiling fails.

Attached to this message are the PKGBUILDs used to compile Rhythmbox and libdmapsharing on Arch. The Rhythmbox PKGBUILD is a modified one from the Arch Build System pointing to the newer versions of libraries, dependencies, etc. The libdmapsharing PKGBUILD is from AUR and can be found on Anybody using Arch Linux, could you comment on what I may be doing wrong? I've already contacted the package maintainer about this problem.

    - Ryan Peters
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I figured out half of the issue. libdmapsharing makes a .pc file for pkg-config, but the older version is libdmapsharing-1.9. On AUR, it's libdmapsharing-2.0 and it doesn't detect it because it looks for 1.9. This definitely needs to be updated. However, when compiled with libdmapsharing-2.0, the DAAP plugin fails to enable. I'll put this on bugzilla as well.

    - Ryan Peters

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