[Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox: Improved Last.fm Plugin Weekly Report 7

Hey guys,

Another week, some more good progress. Rhythmbox can now stream radio
stations from Last.fm using Last.fm's new API. I said in last week's
report that I planned to get this just about working, and I think I
slightly exceeded that. Currently you can create a radio station by
clicking on an artist or track shown on your profile source, then
selecting the "Listen to Similar Artists" or "Listen to Fan Radio"
option from the menu. There are also a couple of stations there by
default, such as recommended tracks and loved tracks. I implemented
support for "loving" and "banning" tracks as well, so as far as I am
aware there aren't any feature regressions from the old code except for
the ones I plan to implement next week

Plan for next week:
1. Add a user interface which allows the creation of any custom radio
2. Add ability to delete existing radio stations
3. Save which radio stations between sessions, so you don't have to
recreate them every time you load rhythmbox.

The code is in my gitourious repo (http://gitorious.org/rb-lastfm) if
anyone wants to try it out. But bear in mind that only subscribers can
stream radio through Last.fm's new API.



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