[Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox: Improved Last.fm Plugin - Weekly Report 6

Hey guys

This week I have been making progress on radio playback. I've not
reached a stage where I've pushed anything to my public git repo yet,
but I've basically managed to add a source as a child of the profile
source. This source can then tune to a radio station and fetch the
playlist last.fm provides.

I still need to implement parsing this playlist and showing its entries
as they would be shown in any other source. I then want to work on the
UI for creating radio stations.

Hopefully by this time next week radio playback should be just about
working and the UI give a good impression of what the final interface
for it will be like. By that I mean basically functional, but still a
bit rough around the edges.

My planning last week was fairly accurate. Hopefully next week will be
equally good (or better).

Was quite surprised by a few parts of the Last.fm API. First up, POST
requests didn't seem to work as they described in the API, but I managed
to work out what was going on by looking at the source for Banshee and
Vagalume. Also, the radio specific messages refuse to respond in JSON
format. Up until now I've been requesting json as it's much simpler to
parse than xml. Fortunately the responses for these are fairly simple
(or at least, simple until the point where I feed it to totem-pl-parser
to deal with) so this shouldn't be too big a problem. Just quite odd
that this is the case.

Anywho... Cheers for listening, see you next week!


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