[Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox and DAAP share not working on one PC only

I have mt-daapd running on my Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server, and it shows up automatically on my three boxes, one XP running iTunes and the other two running Ubuntu 9.10

I can select to and listen to music from iTunes and one of the Ubuntu PC's using Rhythmbox

However, on the third box, I can listen to music on the PC, but can not listen to the music on the DAAP share.  It plays the first few notes, then drops off.  What should I be looking at?  Is it a driver issue or a networking issue.  The one thing that throws me is that the Linux / Ubuntu box that works with the DAAP share is much older and runs 802.11b and the one which doesn't work is running 802.11g.

Any hints and directions welcome!


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