[Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox 0.12.7 "It's a hectic world" released

Rhythmbox 0.12.7 ("It's a hectic world") is now available:


* New ReplayGain plugin, replacing the old broken ReplayGain code
(Jonathan Matthew)
* Nautilus-sendto plugin (Filipp Ivanov)
* Support for Magnatune streaming and download accounts (Adam Zimmerman)
* Support for pidgin in the IM status plugin (Mohamad Elrashidin Sajeli)
* Context pane plugin now uses the GTK+ font settings (JM)
* Support for artist and album sort names (Jamie Nicol)
* Now depends on GTK+ 2.16, GLib 2.18, and pygobject 2.16
  (no more libgnome, libgnomeui, gnome-vfs, or libsexy code anywhere)
* As GSEAL-ready as we can make it for now (Javier Jardón)
* Compatible with the new totem-plparser save API (Carlos Garnacho)
* Disentangled 'delete', 'remove', and 'remove from playlist' actions (JM)
* Improvements to display of mixed-direction text (Uri Sivan)
* Simplified selection of audio CD tracks to extract (JM)
* Playlist creation should work on more generic player devices now (JM)

Bugs fixed:

133444 - Use album and artist sort names ("Sort band list without 'The'")
316257 - forward / back mouse buttons should trigger next / previous songs
338221 - Rhythmbox ignores replaygain tags in DAAP streamed media
378355 - Magnatune plugin should not print CC# in debug output
384483 - Open cover in Image Viewer
424878 - The play button's tool tip "Stop playback" is misleading
485730 - Better labels for remove/move to trash
518540 - RTL Song title displayed on wrong side of other track info.
533727 - Support new Magnatune accounts
537483 - should be possible to import only selected audio cd songs
542055 - Sort order is not localized
547174 - Separate the filesystem scanning from the metadata content reading
559582 - Cleanups for -DG_DISABLE_DEPRECATED
564800 - GnomeGoals: Remove deprecated GTK+ symbols (again)
584593 - sample-vala plugin does not build
584704 - External MP3 players should delete files rether than move to trash
593188 - Manpages for rhythmbox and rhythmbox-client
594132 - python binding lacks enum RBMetaDataField
595795 - Portugu?s Lyrics - Patch to grab lyrics from letras.terra.com.br
601524 - Slider jumps around at the end of songs
602015 - Default 'label1' naming of the first Multiple Song info window
602140 - thread-related segfault in context panel plugin
602615 - fails to build if ld's --no-add-needed is used
602616 - strings being URI-unescaped twice in song info window
602679 - context: encode album names received from last.fm in utf8
603258 - mpid: don't destroy HAL context twice
603263 - compilation errors because of wrong g_print format
603444 - ignore hidden files while enumerating directories
603876 - LyricWiki should be deleted from the "Song lyrics" plugin
603929 - Rhythmbox unnecessarily modifying sound files
604186 - Remove gnome-vfs use in plugins
604188 - [upnp] Use GIO to get the face icon's mime-type
604189 - [artdisplay] Simplify save_pixbuf code
604292 - Use g_atomic_int_* when possible to handle refcounts
604771 - Adding context to some strings
605023 - IM Status Plugin patch for Pidgin support
605038 - Seg Fault When Going to Play List; Visualisation; Browse
605031 - add "Send to..." button to right click on the song
605313 - Use totem_pl_parser_save()
605583 - segfault if MTP device open fails
605584 - Race condition in MTP causes devices to fail to open
605725 - [context] doesn't use gtk font settings
606470 - Wrong title for MTP properties dialog
606472 - Bad alignment for labes in media player properties dialog
607263 - Playlist creation ignores playlist_format from .is_audio_player
607265 - M3U playlist is missing #EXTINF info
607538 - incorrect description for toolbar_style gconf key
607672 - Podcasts default to rating 3*
607897 - fix build with warnings=all
607935 - Crashes with SIGSEGV when trying to enable visualization
608397 - Rhythmbox does not create working playlists for Sansa Clip+
609306 - Changing between two sources without query models causes warnings
609767 - RTL tags in status icon bubble
609908 - compare track number when checking if tracks already exist on devices
609916 - CBC Radio 1 & 2 Live Feeds don't work
610440 - The user agent string must be used when connecting to DAAP shares
610643 - Fix linkage against librhythmdb.la
610655 - [patch] enum type mismatch
610657 - [patch] Linking fails due to multiple definition of
_PyGObject_API, etc.

New and updated translations:
bg, courtesy of Krasimir Chonov
cs, courtesy of Marek Černocký
de, courtesy of Mario Blättermann
el, courtesy of Thanos Lefteris
en_GB, courtesy of Bruce Cowan
es, courtesy of Jorge González
et, courtesy of Mattias Põldaru
fr, courtesy of Claude Paroz
gl, courtesy of Fran Diéguez
hu, courtesy of Gabor Kelemen
it, courtesy of Luca Ferretti
lt, courtesy of Žygimantas Beručka
lv, courtesy of Peteris Krisjanis
pl, courtesy of Tomasz Dominikowski
pt_BR, courtesy of Rodrigo Flores
ro, courtesy of Adi Roiban
sl, courtesy of Andrej Žnidaršič
sr, courtesy of Милош Поповић
sr latin, courtesy of Miloš Popović
sv, courtesy of Daniel Nylander
uk, courtesy of Sergiy Gavrylov
uk, courtesy of Сергій Гаврилов

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