[Rhythmbox-devel] Showing songs in a second library

If I have more than one library folder set, I'd expect that:

(a) clicking "Music" (unexpanded) under Library would show me all songs in all library folders (which it does), and that (b) expanding Music to show my library folders and then clicking each individual folder in turn would show me the songs in that folder.

But... (b) only works for the *first* library folder -- stuff in library folder 1 correctly shows when clicking on library folder 1 (and it doesn't show anything from library folder 2), but clicking library folder 2 doesn't show any songs at all.

http://kryogenix.org/random/rhythmbox-library-problems.png demonstrates the problem.

Have I set up the library wrong, perhaps? Couldn't find a bug about this (but multiple libraries are, I think, not all that common...)


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