Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] a suggestion

On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 9:29 AM, Jakub Orlowski <jakub_o hotmail com> wrote:
> hi,
> thanks for the great work so far.
> but please, dont make a drop down menu on the left click, except for its
> ubuntu issue. so if you are not the ones to contact, could you please
> forward this mail to the corresponding developers? Im using the 10.04 alpha.
> thx!
> whats the big idea on having a drop down menu on a left click, if i want to
> change anything in the program, id use intuitively the right click, same
> applies for closing the program. so please save the left click for opening
> the window AND getting it to the front. you need up to 3 clicks to get the
> desired window so you can do anything with it - at least 2 clicks. this is
> increasingly getting on my nerves. I hope ppl from the volume manager dont
> think the same way (as its the only symbol up there left with no own left
> click menu....)... left click to confirm you really want to open the volume
> settings... or maybe change audi settings?
> i think i have made my point clear. its nonsense in my eyes.
> if you could fix that, that would be really great thanks!
>  oh and another thing for gnome developers, please make evolution be
> uninstallable, and empathy reach the standard of pidging  FAST!
> thats all feedback i can give for now.
> im sorry for all the mistakes and the little harsh way of telling.
> and thanks again for all the great work done!
> kind regards
> Jakub

Hi Jakub,

This is the Rhythmbox development mailing list. Did you have a
problem with Rhythmbox itself?

It sounds like there is a problem with the mouse configuration on your
Ubuntu installation. I would check it isn't setup for left handed use,
and suggest you try asking for help on the Ubuntu forums:

Please just use this mailing list for Rhythmbox issues.


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