[Rhythmbox-devel] User experience improvement

Hi Rhythmbox developers,

I've been using Rhythmbox since Ubuntu 8.something and always feel like the UI was designed for be used with the mouse.

My keyboard has special shortcut-keys for play, pause, stop, next, previous functions.
Them all worked just fine with Rhythmbox, but its default behavior makes really hard to use this shortcuts.

So you are listening to an album, then the album reach to the last song.
After that song is finished you may want to replay the entire album.
guess what Rhythmbox plays if you press play? the last song.

Ok, no problem, just press next button and you will be in the first song. Nope. Rhythmbox just keeps you in the last song.
The only thing you can do is to repeatedly press "previous" until the first song. That's non sense to me : )

What do you think about?

 Martin Scotta

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