[Rhythmbox-devel] "Resume Playback" Plugin


I've just developed a new Python plugin that adds a "Resume playback"
function to Rhythmbox. You can either configure it to add a button to
the toolbar allowing you to resume the song that was playing the last
time Rhythmbox quit, or you can let it resume automatically on startup.

Technically, it wasn't that easy, because you can't just remember the
song when deactivate() gets called, because playback is is already
stopped at that time. So I had to monitor the song title and progress
all the time. However, I think it functions perfectly now.

You can get it from here:

I'd be glad to hear if it works for you or if you got any criticism or
requests. For me this was a missing feature in Rhythmbox for a long

P.S. I'd be even more glad if this plugin could be shipped with
Rhythmbox by default after someone reviewed it, because it has no
dependencies, not much of code and is, to me, a very simple yet useful

Thanks for your attention!

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