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I'm trying to finish my fist rhythmbox plug-in in python and I my problem is that I want to edit song_info Basic tab (fields stroked in red) from other tab, the one I created by myself (stroked in blue) before clicking close. In other words if I add like a year of release in my tab I want it to be visible in Basic tab as well without closing and reopening song_info.

The problem is that if I'm doing:
        self.db.set(self.song, rhythmdb.PROP_ALBUM, model[row][1])
        self.db.set(self.song, rhythmdb.PROP_GENRE, self.id3[1])       
the ID3 data is saved only if I close the song_info window with X. If I choose Back, Forward or Close buttons all the ID3 corrections made by my tab is being overwritten by rhythmbox (probably song_info functions)

maybe there is other ways to solve this? but anyway I would like to see my changes in Basic tab without closing whole window.

screenshot: http://img34.imageshack.us/img34/5060/songinfobasic.png

PS: self.db.set(self.song, rhythmdb.PROP_YEAR, 1999) not really setting the ID3 value for year of release at least in v0.12.0. I know that you have you pass an int. It shouldn't be my mistake coz I can set PROP_TRACK_NUMBER without any problems and they both have the same year int checking thing...

Mindaugas Budreika
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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