[Rhythmbox-devel] Volunteering for rythmbox feature : secondary audio output


I'd like to avdise from Rhythmbox developpers in order to add an important feature for me for this good software. I'd like to use an second sound card to listen to a song while the main is still playing. I do this in order to easilly select a song in a party without having to botther with one instance of rythmbox, and another player.

My idea is to use the "Party mix" to ensure the current song is never stopped, the waiting list will be popuplated by the "operator/dj", or when it's empty, automatically. Starting playback on a element in the list will not start in on the main output but on the second sound card.

I know a bit of python and quite good in C++, but I'd like to have the advice possible to make if working surely. Of course, i'll submit this patch for integration in the program if you wish.
If you have any advice on how to make, it, I'll follow them.

Web: http://www.xeberon.net/gaetan/
Msn: gaetan xeberon net

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