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Hey folks,

On 25.10.2009 23:57, Bastien Nocera wrote:
> Interesting. Mind sending this to the rhythmbox list?
The reason I didn't do that in first place was that I haven't checked
whether that paper was freely available. These ACM folks require you to
pay a buttload of money to access their database and then tag the
downloaded PDF files.

But anyway, this paper is available at:


Effective bug localization is important for realizing automated
debugging. One attractive approach is to apply statistical techniques on
a collection of evaluation profiles of program properties to help
localize bugs. Previous research has proposed various specialized
techniques to isolate certain program predicates as bug predictors.
However, because many bugs may not be directly associated with these
predicates, these techniques are often ineffective in localizing bugs.
Relevant control flow paths that may contain bug locations are more
informative than stand-alone predicates for discovering and
understanding bugs. In this paper, we propose an approach to
automatically generate such faulty control flow paths that link many bug
predictors together for revealing bugs. Our approach combines feature
selection (to accurately select failure-related predicates as bug
predictors), clustering (to group correlated predicates), and control
flow graph traversal in a novel way to help generate the paths. We have
evaluated our approach on code including the Siemens test suite and
rhythmbox (a large music management application for GNOME). Our
experiments show that the faulty control flow paths are accurate, useful
for localizing many bugs, and helped to discover previously unknown
errors in rhythmbox

Enjoy reading,
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