Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] I suck: 10 Band Equalizer

Doug Saylor schrieb:
> Ok, I give up... how the HELL do you get the EQ working?

Get an up-to-date version of rhythmbox, download rb-equalizer.tar.bz2,
start a terminal, an do:

# mkdir -p ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/plugins
# cd ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/plugins
# tar -xjf /path/to/rb-equalizer.tar.bz2

Start rhythmbox, "Edit->Preferences->Plugins", check the little box next
to the plugin, and you should be done.

If that does not work, deactivate the plugin and close rb. Then start
rhythmbox from command line with

# rhythmbox -d > /tmp/rb.log 2>&1

, activate the plugin, close rb, paste the contents of /tmp/rb.log to
e.g. and ask again for help, providing a link to
your log.



Yes, you suck - not so much because you can't get the eq plugin to work,
but at asking for help. ;) Next time you ask for help, please include at
least the version of rhythmbox you are using, and a little more details
about what you have tried already, whether you got any error messages, etc.

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