[Rhythmbox-devel] Overwrite existing file

Title: Overwrite existing file

Hello there,
I'm writing to suggest a small improvement to Rhythmbox.
When copying music from my DAAP shared library on my laptop to my office computer I'm often asked whether I would like to overwrite a file or not. This happens, of course, because I already have some of the files I wanted to copy on my computer. The question is: why don't you provide Rmb with more independance from the user? I mean, it's a waste of time that you have to be there to click click click at each question. Could you modify Rmb so that it can hold all the questions about overwriting and in the mean time go on with the other files I don't have on my computer yet? At the end, when the copying is finished, I would be happy to answer all the questions at once. In this way I could work at something else while the big job is being done, and paying attention to rmb only for few minutes.
In addition: wouldn't be better if the "Overwrite existing file?" dialog showed also the answers "Yes to all", "No to all" and "Cancel copying"?
Thank you for your attention,
vince, a happy rmb user

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