[Rhythmbox-devel] Request

Title: Request

Hello everybody,
I'm writing to ask you a new improvement to Rhythmbox.
I've noticed that each time rb starts, it checks for the existence of the music files, according to the xml database file.
I have music both in my laptop hard disk and in my external usb drive, which I plug in from time to time. The problem is that rb always checks for the file I have in the external drive, even when it is not plugged. And this takes a lot of time, along with the removal of those files from the database, resulting in a new *slow* scanning when I plug in the drive the following time.
Would it be possible to recognize whether a file is actually located on external drive and, in the case, preventing it to be removed from the database?
And, furthermore, instead of checking for each file in the db, wouldn't be better and faster to look up at the existence of the directory in which a file is located and, if it doesn't exist, avoiding to check for all the files the db lists to be in that directory?
Thank you,

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