[Rhythmbox-devel] How do I keep the entries in the Play Queue from disappearing after they are played?


When one song finishes playing, it gets removed from the play queue. I want to change that behavior. Can someone please indicate where the removal is triggered? This should be controlled from the preferences dialog and by adding a new GtkWidget * member within RBShellPreferencesPrivate struct defined within
shell/rb-shell-preferences.c, if I am not wrong.

I did narrow down the function and commenting the call to rhythmdb_query_model_filter_out_entry() and rhythmdb_entry_unref () within function
rhythmdb_query_model_base_row_deleted() in the file rhythmdb/rhythmdb-query-model.c seems to prevent the removal. However, I realized that it is not the correct place to add my change because then right-clicking and selecting 'remove' within the play queue won't work.

So the correct place would be when one item finishes playing in the play queue. I looked at rb_shell_player_handle_eos_unlocked() function within rb-shell-player.c, but did not get any clue :(

Please help me as I am stuck and can't proceed further without your help. This is the first time I am looking at rhythmbox code, after all :-)


P.S. I raised bug 582968 for this enhancement.

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