Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Ipod Plugin Enhancements

Christophe Fergeau wrote:
Hi David,

2009/3/28 David Martin - Airgead Studio <david airgeadstudio net <mailto:david airgeadstudio net>>

    I think you are right. Externally managed podcast feeds do need to
    appear in the podcast plugin along with ones that rhythmbox
    manages. I'm not sure the base way to manage that. At the moment
    my thought is that we re-use the watch for new files mechanism
    that the main library uses and apply that to the podcast library
    as well. Externally managed podcasts would get placed in there by
    whatever app is downloading them and rhythmbox would pick them up
    and add them to its podcast library.

Yep, this is exactly what I would have suggested doing, so it makes sense to me at least :)
Cool. Looks like that's the way to go then.
In the end, we'll probably want a Synchronization Settings window to choose which playlists, podcasts, ... to synchronize, but for this particular project, a Synchronize Podcasts menu item is plenty enough, we can improve things later.
That's pretty much where I can see the synchronise thing going too. Given the number of years its been since I coded anything significant I think the podcast sync will indeed be plenty enough.
Maybe it's better to hold a little bit on that one, there's a media player library synchronization google summer of code project for rhythmbox, and some students applied to it and said they'd implement this as part of their gsoc. So to avoid duplicate work, it's probably better to wait for the list of projects that have been approved as socs for this year.
OK. No problem. I'm happy to let the summer of code folks handle that. Having a generic autofill that worked for all devices would be better than an ipod specific one.

I'll raise two bugzilla records to cover the external podcasts and the podcast sync and start looking at code.

While I'm thinking about it - is there any particular development tool that's recommended for rhythmbox development? I was planning to keep it simple with gedit and the command line but if there's something everyone uses I'll use it as well for the sake of consistency.


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