[Rhythmbox-devel] hiding entry-view columns from a plugin


I'm writing a Python plugin that adds a new display column to the queue
and library sources. Since I only have a 1024px screen, having 10+
columns in the entry views for these tends to suck somewhat. The plugin
will let me play around with merging some of those into a single "Track"
column, to see how well it works.

Initially, it is looking pretty promising[0], but at the moment I need
to patch the RB source to get rid of the official columns. I'm wondering
what a potential way of doing this is that might have a chance of
getting committed.

Ideally, the plugin would be able to use the existing visible column
user prefs when deciding what to display, while surpressing the display
of the offical columns. I've experimented with adding a method on
rb-entry-view that lets the plugin hide the official columns, but that's
kinda racy between view and plugin initialisation - it seems to work for
the library but not the queue, for example.

Would there be any objection to adding a runtime flag (accessible
programatically by a plugin, not a pref) to prevent any default columns
being added?


[0] - Early screenshot: <http://web.vee.net/tmp/rb-gentry-prototype.png>

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