[Rhythmbox-devel] [weekly report] Week 5 : Rhythmbox context pane

This week I completed the datasource for fetching album info. This was
more complicated than the artist datasource because it involved making
a lot of different last.fm api calls to get all of the information.
Handling all of the various connections and parsing of data
asynchronously required some mucking about with idle callbacks and
such to make sure all of the information was assembled correctly.

I did not get around to integrating the lyrics fetching code yet, I
plan on doing that this week. For the mid-term evaluation, I would
like to have all of the main data-fetching functionality done so that
I can start polishing during the second half. Thus, this week, in
addition to porting the lyrics code, I will work on cleaning up and
making everything more robust.

John Iacona

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