[Rhythmbox-devel] album art in ID3

I'm currently experimenting a bit with Ubuntu and till now I'm very pleased with it. I'm using Rhythmbox to play my music and although it has some very good features and I think the GUI is very good, I am missing one (to me) very important feature: album art in ID3 tags. I have album art stored in the ID3 tags for all my MP3's and it is very annoying Rhythmbox can't read them. I'm no programmer, but it doesn't seems to hard to me considering Rhythmbox can already read album art stored in the same folder.
Now I'm aware that I can't demand anything from you guys, since it is free software and you may have better things to do than listen to feature-request #999999. Nevertheless I'm asking you to consider implementing this feature. It would make me (and possibly many others) very happy.
Thanks in advance.
Sander Meppelink

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