Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] GSoC iPod/MTP Player Plugin GUI Prototype

Hi Paul,

2009/6/3 Paul A Bellamy <paul a bellamy gmail com>:
> Thanks, that's actually a really good reference, I will be adding in a
> Playlist selector.  However, with Podcasts it will need a selector for that
> too.  I'm guessing a treeview would be the best way to implement that?

Yeah, a treeview with a Playlist subtree and a Podcasts subtree sounds good.

>> - "preview" of the expected sync, as in the bar at the bottom. Ask
>> Christophe to finish his widget port
> That is planned to go in also.  The picture I sent was the first mockup I
> have done (should have specified that).  Not sure what you are meaning about
> the "widget port", I will ask Christophe about that.

Bastien is talking about the widget in bug #558576, it's working in
simple test programs, but I never tried to add it to rhythmbox
property window to polish the last bits :)


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