Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Album art downloading and Amazon

On Sat, 25 Jul 2009 19:13:47 +0300
Erik Houghton <smshdglss googlemail com> wrote:

> What are the plans for handling "album art fetching" from Amazon once
> the 15th of August passes? As I understand it, Amazon is going to
> require some sort of API account (?) or something of the sort in order
> for the art to be able to be fetched? Is there an alternative in the
> works, such as a plugin to fetch it from Just wondering,
> because in my experience Rhythmbox's ability to get it's art from
> Amazon has been very useful to me (CDDB and MusicBrainz have failed to
> find my music often), and one of the several key reasons I keep coming
> back to it as my favorite audio player.
> Thanks,
> eriK

Another option is They have a pretty nice API and lots of
images available. They provide artist images in addition to album
images. I think showing the artist image as a fallback if there is no
album image would be a nice feature too.


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