[Rhythmbox-devel] Feature requests and comments

Thanks for the hard work, I love Rhythmbox.

I use Rhythmbox a lot for podcasts. My system is UBUNTU 9.04, which has Rhythmbox 0.12.0.

I do have what appears to be an issue occasionally downloading podcasts. It appears that downloads are stopped when partially complete, and they restart when I close Rhythmbox and re-start it.

I use a Sansa Clip for podcasts, download directly to the Clip from Rhythmbox. I choose to download manually, and it works. Is there a way to detect when a player is connected in MSC mode (maybe define a path to the player?), and update podcasts automatically? Or download to a folder and sync to the player when its attached?

I have several podcasts that release more than once a day. I would like more control over how many podcasts are downloaded. I want to listen to all the podcasts, but only once.

The default mode on start-up is to display the Music Library. I would like to either select the Podcast Library as the default, or just re-open whatever Library was last used.

All of my points are pretty minor, I really like your app.



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