[Rhythmbox-devel] just a little request for next version

Dear Rhythmbox dev team,

I'm a new user of ubuntu and so a new user of Rhythmbox.
I use to listen to music with winamp.

In Rhythmbox, although the album art from files' tags is not yet supported,
the soft uses art .jpg files found in folders, and if they don't exist, find them on the web.

My request is :
the .jpg files must be named "cover", "album", "albumart", ".folder", "folder" or "$artist - $album" (from rhythmbox faq).
Could the next version of rhythmbox support the name of "$album".
winamp allows to use this syntax and so many users of winamp have made their music collection like this.

I'm not a programmer but I think it's not a hard work for the team.

I thank you all for reading my question.

Clément Brunon

PS : I am testing different music softwares to make my final choice (I really loved the last winamp, very kind, useful, and intuitive, but it's not a linux soft).
       I think I'll use yours beacause it's very intuitive and clear. I hope next versions will support album art and maybe something like a grid of albums arts or cover flow.

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