[Rhythmbox-devel] Problems in rhythmbox

1. I double click on the RB icon. Nothing happens. Double click again and it opens.

2.Now suddenly all the files in RB stand in non chrolnological order.
Earlier today it looked like this:
1. artist-song-duration
2. artist-song-duration
3. artist-song-duration
4. artist-song-duration

Now it is suddenly:
2. artist-song-duration
1. artist-song-duration
4. artist-song-duration
3. artist-song-duration

and so on.

I've done NO adjustments.

I totally removed RB with synpatic package and reinstalled it.
Still the same problem....

I'm a new user of Linux, and I know little about how to solve problems like this. Therefore all this stupid questions. I like RB, but now I think I start to use another musicplayer. This is just to much trouble...

Trond Gjellum
Finnsvei 6
0575 Oslo
trond gjellum gmail com
phone: home +47 23 30 05 51
         cellphone +47 90 54 84 06

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