[Rhythmbox-devel] video of Pulseaudio volume strangeness


I know this is somewhat of an ongoing issue, but I have recorded a
short video to illustrate the pulseaudio problems I am having.


(I couldn't get recordmydesktop to grab the audio, but you should be
able to see the issue by watching the pavucontrol volume slider and the
RB volume slider)

Basically, the main issue is that the volume percentage shown on the
Rhythmbox volume control does not match the one show for Rhythmbox in
pavucontrol. The other issue is that the bottom pixel in the Rhythmbox
slider seems to change the volume from 0% to over 50%. This makes it
impossible to set Rhythmbox's volume to something below 50% from
Rhythmbox itself. If I set the volume to something low in pavucontrol
it seems to get reset when the next song starts.

Is this a known issue? If not I can go ahead and file a bug report and
start digging around for a fix, since this has been annoying me for
some time now.

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