Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] RhythmBox ID3 field plugin


I have CC'ed this email to rhythmbox-devel gnome org , which is where
most of the Rhythmbox-wizards are. They might be able to help you more
with Rhythmbox-internals. Great if you could also add your findings to
the WritingGuide. The Rhythmbox documentation is sparse.

On Mon, 2009-01-26 at 12:26 +0000, Michael Scheper wrote:
> G'day Mats,
> I'm tired of my double lifestyle, being both a Windows and Linux user.
> Playing music is one of the last things I still do under Windows, and
> I want that to change. The trouble is, I've made heavy use of
> MusicMatch Jukebox's 'mood' and 'situation' tags, and I don't want to
> give those up.

> I'm thinking I could write a plugin for Rhythmbox to support these
> extra ID3 tags. I'm happy to do all the work, but if you could share
> some initial words of wisdom, I'd appreciate it. I've already seen
> I'm actually somewhat surprised that this hasn't already been
> done--I've done some Googling to try and find out, but haven't found
> anything. Do you know of a plugin (or even a different music app) that
> supports custom ID3 tags? I don't want to reinvent any wheels.
> Thanks,
> Michael Scheper.

As I've only barely scratched the surface of plugin development in
Rhythmbox, I don't think I can help you much.

Charbucks made a brilliant plugin as part of Summer of Code '08. You
should definetly check it out [1]. Perhaps you could use some of the
logic for tagging from there?


Mats Taraldsvik

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