[Rhythmbox-devel] A small script for rhythmbox users


I writed a script that turns rhythmdb.xml's contents into HTML content
according to arguments of script. It allows you to change HTML output
format (by "-t"), choose the min. rating of songs will be written to
HTML file (by "-r") and you can give the path of rhythmdb.xml file to
script as an argument (by "-f").

Some examples of usage:
./rhythtml.py -r 4
this command finds all of the song entries (of rhythmdb.xml file that
defined ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/rhythmdb.xml as default) that has a rating
greater than "4" and writes an output to the rhythtml.html file. It has
a default HTML format that defined by an expression: "<ul>[<li>[%track%,
<strong>[~Artist: ~], |a|, ~---~, <strong>[~Title: ~], |t|]]".

another one:
./rhythtml.py -r 4 -t "<p>[<ul>[<li>[%track%, <small>[~Sundan -->~],
<strong>[|a|], <small>[~, su sarki -->~], <strong>[|t|]]]]"
Difference is output's HTML format.

Link to this script:

Link to blog post about it (language is Turkish):
http://www.hataboluk.com/node/20 on this page there are outputs of
commands that written above.

Now, my question is: must i work on this script? It's useless or
useable. The answer to this question is important for me because this is
my first Python script that does some job. And i'm currently trying to
learn Python programming as you can understand script's code base.

Have a good year!

Okan Demir

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