[Rhythmbox-devel] Idea: Virtual dedicated stream

I just got an email newsletter from "WAMU's Bluegrass Country"
station that I sometimes listen to using Rhythmbox.
I wish there was a comparable dedicated folk music stream.

This led me to this idea which might need new features in software like
Rhythmbox and hence the post here.  (There may already be ways of doing
something like what I have in mind that I do not know about, in which case
sorry about the message.

Finally the idea:
There are folk music broadcasts at various times on various stations.
A database of these (maintained by users wiki style?) and a way to easily
play such broadcasts might make something like a "Virtual dedicated
stream" on folk music. How continuous the virtual stream depends of how
many broadcasts at what times there are.  If there is nothing in the
database at that time the player should announce this and when the next
entry will come up.  A way to browse the virtual stream's schedule would
also be desireable.  Ideally playing a virtual dedicated stream would be
almost as easy as playing WAMU's Bluegrass Country.

Of course other "virtual dedicated streams" for different kinds of content
could also be maintained.

If stations maintained their online schedule in a suitable xml format,
it might make maintaining virtual dedicated stream database much easier.

Clearly some organizing to get stations to cooperate, maintain the
database etc would be required but it seems to me that it might be withing
the capability of the open source and user generated content movements
or an extension to them).

Thanks for your consideration.  (Note that I do not subscribe to you
listserv, I am hoping the list manager approves this and direct email
copies of replie appreciated.


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