Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] media player sync branch

On Sun, 2009-12-27 at 21:31 +1000, Jonathan Matthew wrote: 
> Over the past while, I've been working on the media player sync code
> Paul Bellamy wrote as part of his summer of code project. As of about
> half an hour ago, the code is now available in the 'media-player-sync'
> branch in the git repository
> (


TBH, this is the first I am hearing of this code, but I have just come
back to RB from a stint away with Banshee.

> Feedback and ideas welcome.

Per the above, this may be a "well, duh!" suggestion (i.e. and already
the case), but just in case it's not, it should be possible to define a
playlist to sync with a given device.  That is, sync between a device
and RB should be available with a subset of the available RB Library not
necessarily always the entire Library.

There are a number of reasons for this including simply the size
difference between the RB Library and the capacity of the media player
and also, it might be that the Library is a library for a group of
people and that not all of the material in the library is desirable to
all members of the group.

I think in this scenario, the link between the playlist and (a) given
media player(s) should be persistent.  That is, when I attach my media
player, RB automagically remembers which playlist to sync with.

> - automatic syncing - I haven't thought much about how this would
> work, but it seems like a sensible idea

I think this would encompass my suggestion above.

> - better handling of out-of-space situations - currently you have to
> manually change the sync options so the selected items will fit on the
> device, which isn't much fun

Heh.  Yeah.  I guess the playlist for given device could be limited to
the device's capacity.

> - some way of handling files on the device that aren't in the library

Indeed.  I would think that is "what do you want to do" type of dialog
with options being "delete songs from media player, add songs to RB"

> - support for generic (USB mass storage) players - this shouldn't be
> hard, as there isn't much device specific code for syncing.

Hrm.  What type of devices are supported then if mass storage devices
are not?


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