[Rhythmbox-devel] convert/import banshee db [in]to rhythmbox

Hi All,

I'm considering coming back to Rhythmbox from a stint away while I was
trying out Banshee.  But just as I imported my RB data into Banshee when
I left, I want to recreate my RB data from Banshee before I come back so
that I don't lose all of the stats I built up there.

What would really be ideal would be if Banshee and RB (and any other
such apps) all used the same data source.  I guess that's what
DesktopCouch hopes to achieve though.

I have seen the posting here about importing ratings and playcounts:
but really, I want to import all of the data, not just a few items.

Indeed, I could probably extend the above script to do so, but I just
want to avoid re-inventing a wheel if I can.



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