[Rhythmbox-devel] Set Playcount using Python+DBus

Hi everyone,

I cant find any Information on this and as Im really new to both Python+DBus developing I hope you can help me.

My Problem is that I want to set the Playcount over the Bus.
So far so good, with the Player Object I get the URI of the currently playing song and pass it over to the Shell to setSongProperties With getSongProperties I identified the property I need to change as 'play-count' with dbus.String(u'play-count'): dbus.UInt32(0L, variant_level=1)

Then I continued with
iface.setSongProperty(uri, 'play-count', dbus.UInt32(0L, variant_level=1))

BUT I get:
Invalid property type guint for property file

What do I do wrong?
Please help!

Thanks in advance

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